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3 Testosterone Boosting Herbs for Men

Hormones are finnicky little things, aren’t they? They keep us asleep, they regulate our sugar levels, and they create massive changes in our bodies. Having even one hormone out of balance can throw off your natural rhythm, causing a break in its perfectly oiled system. As with most conditions of the body, hormone deficiencies can usually be supplemented to some degree. This can be done with a pill, hormone pellet injection, or a simple sublingual tablet… or, if you prefer… Read More »3 Testosterone Boosting Herbs for Men

How to Make a Mullein Glycerite for Respiratory Support

You may have spotted a mature Mullein plant while driving along the highway. Commonly found across North American roadways, its tall, yellow flowers catch the eyes of many travelers every year. Perhaps you’re even familiar with it’s first year appearance, speckling prairie lands as fuzzy, low-growing rosettes. Or, your first meeting with mullein may be happening now as you take a look at the pictures below. Whether you’re a seasoned mullein-spotter or are newly acquainted with its presence, I’d like… Read More »How to Make a Mullein Glycerite for Respiratory Support

Health Resolutions of 2022

2021 has sprouted, blossomed, and gone to seed, and as 2022 emerges from the soil of time, so, too, do our goals and aspirations. Like anyone else, I tend to use the New Year as a way to renew my ambition and start fresh. This year, I’m focusing on my physical health, having had time to heal my mental health over the last several years! For the first time in many years, my mental health goals have transformed into daily… Read More »Health Resolutions of 2022