How to Upcycle Jeans into a Purse

Around 2012, you could find me in a stuffy 6th grade classroom on weekdays, and in my own room on the weekends. I was always crafting and scrounging around my mom and dad’s closet for fabric to use in my sewing projects. I did everything by hand, and I never bought anything new to sew with, except for thread, of course. I was 12. I literally couldn’t, lol. I remember looking at a pair of lightwash jeans from my mom and thinking the top looked like it would make a good bag. So I turned it into one, and made a strap from a fabric belt or a scarf of some kind before sewing on seashells and an octopus pendant.

I have no idea where that’s gone to over the years, I might still have it hiding between photo albums and forgotten boxes. I think I would cry if I ever found it, honestly. It was such a “me” thing to make, and it was one of if not the first things I mqde and actually used outside of my house. My best friend, who I met in 6th grade, told his mom about it and when I came over for the first time, she saw it and knew who I was lol.

It’s a special DIY for me, even though it’s super simple and easy to make. I created another one a few weeks ago and shared the process on TikTok. The videos can be found below or by checking out my profile @Maiden_of_Moths on TikTok, which also has captions.

Part 1
Part 2

Do you have any DIYs close to your heart? Feel free to share them with me! I am off to get ready for work, so I will catch you guys later. Bye!

Making an Herbalism Journal From Upcycled Materials

I love making my own journals and notebooks. I get to upcycle paper materials and fashion custom covers to represent me and the contents the journal will hold. I just finished one for holding my recipes and how I feel they went, as well as ratios and measurement guidelines for oil infusions and tinctures! I’m really pleased with how it came out, and hope that sharing my process will inspire some of you too make your own!

Materials I used:

I cut my pages into the same size rectangle (except for one special insert in the middle that’s much smaller) and sewed them together as three signatures. I’m not too savvy with binding methods, so I just sewed the middle signature to the ones on either side and then sewed the two on the side to each other. Then I modpodged a piece of tissue paper I’d gotten in a package over the stitching ant onto the front of the first and back of the last signatures just a tad.

After binding them, I made my cover. I cut out a sheet of magazine text just a little bit bigger than the papers with enough room to cover the spine added in. Then, after measuring it again and ensuring it was the right size, I laid down some mod podge and a piece of white tissue paper. On the back side, I folded the tissue over and used more mod podge to secure it.

I let these both dry before putting them together. Then, I cut out a mostly white page from a magazine (mine says chanel on it, but it’ll be covered eventually). It needed to be the size of the signature pages x2. Then I glued one piece to the pages, making sure to go close to the spine. Then, I folded it by closing the book, opened it up, and glued it to the inside of the cover. I repeated this process with the back cover.

Sometimes I add ribbons or closures to my journals, but I kept this one simple.

After this, I drew some herbs on the cover and used some an extra scrap piece of homemade paper to label it “herbalism” and glue down.

This is usually how it goes when I make my own journals! Not perfect, but functional and dare I say aesthetically pleasing for the most part. Let me know if you have any fun journals like this!

Thanks for stopping by! See you again soon! Bye!