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How to Make Soap for Sensitized Skin | Cold Process Soap Recipe

Skin can be sensitized by numerous things, ranging from diet or contact with an allergen to autoimmune diseases like eczema. It is an extremely common condition to be in, and many of us have or will experience sensitivity to some degree. It doesn’t have to be a permanent state, but can become chronic if symptom’s and the root cause are left unchecked. This is a soothing soap recipe designed to repair the moisture barrier of compromised skin, help prevent trans… Read More »How to Make Soap for Sensitized Skin | Cold Process Soap Recipe

How to Make a Soothing Bath Soak

Attention: If your skin can be described as red, itchy, irritated, chapped, or dry, you should give this soak a go. It’s cheap, extremely easy to throw together, and it feels great on angry skin. It’s inspired by a remedy my mother used on me when I was a kid; a simple oatmeal bath for my annually enraged eczema. Every winter, my elbows, knees, and arms would flare up with itchy red splotches, and this quick bath soak made it… Read More »How to Make a Soothing Bath Soak

Soothing Calendula Body Wash Recipe

Making liquid soap, in this case a body wash, is a simple way to keep your shower well-stocked. With a relatively small amount of ingredients, you can create a beautiful and effective cleanser! I created this recipe for my fiancĂ© who is sensitive to bar soap, and even added a custom fragrance that we both enjoy! It uses calendula infused olive oil to reduce irritation and inflammation on the surface of the skin, and a blend of conditioning oils to… Read More »Soothing Calendula Body Wash Recipe