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How to Make Potent Herbal Oil Infusions

My very first projects as a new herbalist involved several attempts at oil infusions. I remember I poured olive oil over a jar of dried hibiscus petals and crossed my fingers, hoping that whatever I used it in would be potent and medicinal. I left it for weeks with absolutely no colour change, no scent extraction, and no signs that the oil had extracted anything at all. I felt defeated, but later that month I made a heated oil infusion… Read More »How to Make Potent Herbal Oil Infusions

How to Make Soap for Sensitized Skin | Cold Process Soap Recipe

Skin can be sensitized by numerous things, ranging from diet or contact with an allergen to autoimmune diseases like eczema. It is an extremely common condition to be in, and many of us have or will experience sensitivity to some degree. It doesn’t have to be a permanent state, but can become chronic if symptom’s and the root cause are left unchecked. This is a soothing soap recipe designed to repair the moisture barrier of compromised skin, help prevent trans… Read More »How to Make Soap for Sensitized Skin | Cold Process Soap Recipe

7 Homemade Foods You Can Start Making Now

Homemade foods have become a luxury, an outdated practice for the rich and those with extra time on their hands; but before agriculture and food was industrialized, what we ate was made from scratch in kitchens, bakeries, and restaurants around the world. At-home and small scale production was commonplace, and everything was done by hand or with simple machines. A baker made bread with flour from a local mill, and farmers canned their vegetables in jars to save for later… Read More »7 Homemade Foods You Can Start Making Now

How to Make a Soothing Bath Soak

Attention: If your skin can be described as red, itchy, irritated, chapped, or dry, you should give this soak a go. It’s cheap, extremely easy to throw together, and it feels great on angry skin. It’s inspired by a remedy my mother used on me when I was a kid; a simple oatmeal bath for my annually enraged eczema. Every winter, my elbows, knees, and arms would flare up with itchy red splotches, and this quick bath soak made it… Read More »How to Make a Soothing Bath Soak

How to Make A Nightly Conditioning Serum for Brows and Lashes

I wanted to make a lash and brow serum to use nightly as a conditioner, which helps strengthen and potentially has the ability to keep lashes from falling out. While not enough conclusive research has been done to show the full benefits of using castor oil on the scalp and hair, it is well-known for its ability to condition and protect. If you want more moisturized, healthy lashes and brows, give this a go! Olive oil is full of antioxidants… Read More »How to Make A Nightly Conditioning Serum for Brows and Lashes

Year-in Recipe Reviews | My Top Picks for 2021

After moving in with my fiancé, I’ve had a lot more motivation to cook, mainly because I get to choose what it is I make! I have used both recipes online and some from family to fill up this year’s kitchen, and I’d like to share some of my favourites with you! What recipes have you tried and loved this year? Let me know, I’d love to try some! Sweet Treats Starbucks copycat hot cocoa by My Frugal Adventures Cake… Read More »Year-in Recipe Reviews | My Top Picks for 2021

Soothing Calendula Body Wash Recipe

Making liquid soap, in this case a body wash, is a simple way to keep your shower well-stocked. With a relatively small amount of ingredients, you can create a beautiful and effective cleanser! I created this recipe for my fiancé who is sensitive to bar soap, and even added a custom fragrance that we both enjoy! It uses calendula infused olive oil to reduce irritation and inflammation on the surface of the skin, and a blend of conditioning oils to… Read More »Soothing Calendula Body Wash Recipe

Cozy Soups to Create this Fall—Can, Crockpot, Instapot, and Stovetop Recipes

It’s officially October, and even here in South Florida, I have begun craving the many foods of the season: sweet potato casserole, apple pie, warm apple cider, and of course, hot soup. I’ve already made chicken noodle soup and pasta fagioli, and currently have some French onion soup cooking in a crockpot right now! Even without the crisp air and changing leaves I used to see when I lived in the midwest, I still feel a pull towards warm, soothing… Read More »Cozy Soups to Create this Fall—Can, Crockpot, Instapot, and Stovetop Recipes

Muscle and Joint Pain Salve

This is a recipe I made and tested, and have found great results with! I had other people give it a go as well, and I feel comfortable sharing it as an option for you all to try! I chose herbs that have been used to treat inflammation and pain in muscles and joints, and used sweet almond oil as a carrier oil due to its light feel and ability to sink into the skin. Let me know if you… Read More »Muscle and Joint Pain Salve

Silky Lip Balm Recipe

I love making products for myself and others, and recently made my own lip balm recipe. It’s easy to make and I love how well it works! It’s silky smooth and feels buttery when applied. You can decide to add flavoring if you want, or leave it unflavored for less risk of irritation. I like my lipbalm super soft, and I like when it melts as soon as it touches my lips. Bear that in mind when deciding to use… Read More »Silky Lip Balm Recipe