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Rock Hunting: Hagstones and Geodes

I love rocks. I just never grew out of that “smooth rock goes in pocket” mindset. It started with smooth, milky pebbles and those flat river stones you can find near water. I still appreciate those rocks, but I’ve collected a fair few others over the years. Crystals of all kinds have overtaken my collection, but recently I’ve been running into two different kinds of stones: hagstones and geodes. Hagstones have many names, including holey stones, adder stones, and witch’s… Read More »Rock Hunting: Hagstones and Geodes

31 Things You Can Make With Natural Local Resources

Today I compiled a list of links to beautiful DIYS and tutorials that use wild and cultivated plants. Take a look and get inspired by the fresh ingredients you have all around you! Let me know what you make and if you have any other ideas! Have a great one, everybody! Birch Bark Paper Paper from Invasive Plants Raffia Baskets Willow Baskets Making Baskets from Natural Materials Cordage Cordage from Cedar Netted Bags from Cordage Wattle Fencing Flour Wooden Spoons… Read More »31 Things You Can Make With Natural Local Resources