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How to Make Potent Herbal Oil Infusions

My very first projects as a new herbalist involved several attempts at oil infusions. I remember I poured olive oil over a jar of dried hibiscus petals and crossed my fingers, hoping that whatever I used it in would be potent and medicinal. I left it for weeks with absolutely no colour change, no scent extraction, and no signs that the oil had extracted anything at all. I felt defeated, but later that month I made a heated oil infusion… Read More »How to Make Potent Herbal Oil Infusions

Beginner Herbalist Study Plan: Month Three

Welcome back to my beginner herbalist study plan! This is month three, and will be the last month where we focus on learning the basics. After this, we will begin exploring individual herbs more deeply and learn how they work individually! This month involves foraging, seed saving, herb storage and preservation, and a deep dive into the digestive system! If you haven’t already completed months one and two, feel free to do so at your own pace! I hope these… Read More »Beginner Herbalist Study Plan: Month Three

How to Make Soap for Sensitized Skin | Cold Process Soap Recipe

Skin can be sensitized by numerous things, ranging from diet or contact with an allergen to autoimmune diseases like eczema. It is an extremely common condition to be in, and many of us have or will experience sensitivity to some degree. It doesn’t have to be a permanent state, but can become chronic if symptom’s and the root cause are left unchecked. This is a soothing soap recipe designed to repair the moisture barrier of compromised skin, help prevent trans… Read More »How to Make Soap for Sensitized Skin | Cold Process Soap Recipe

7 Homemade Foods You Can Start Making Now

Homemade foods have become a luxury, an outdated practice for the rich and those with extra time on their hands; but before agriculture and food was industrialized, what we ate was made from scratch in kitchens, bakeries, and restaurants around the world. At-home and small scale production was commonplace, and everything was done by hand or with simple machines. A baker made bread with flour from a local mill, and farmers canned their vegetables in jars to save for later… Read More »7 Homemade Foods You Can Start Making Now

How to Make the Best Window & Mirror Cleaning Spray

From the beginning of my low-waste, green cleaning journey, I have been interested in replacing my products with simple, homemade alternatives. This recipe is by far the easiest one I have made, and easily competes with Windex and other glass-shining formulations! It’s extremely simple to create. You can also customize its scent using a simple acetum (vinegar infusion). While white vinegar tends to have a strong scent, infusing it helps cut down on its potency, and it generally fades quickly… Read More »How to Make the Best Window & Mirror Cleaning Spray

How to Make a Soothing Bath Soak

Attention: If your skin can be described as red, itchy, irritated, chapped, or dry, you should give this soak a go. It’s cheap, extremely easy to throw together, and it feels great on angry skin. It’s inspired by a remedy my mother used on me when I was a kid; a simple oatmeal bath for my annually enraged eczema. Every winter, my elbows, knees, and arms would flare up with itchy red splotches, and this quick bath soak made it… Read More »How to Make a Soothing Bath Soak

Herbal Spotlight: Urtica dioica (Stinging Nettle)

In a clearing, you find a small patch of green; stems of lush leaves stand regally among the remains of many other herbs, delicious snacks for the fauna of the forest. The clearing has been gleaned of its ground-level leaves, and yet here sits a full stem, untouched, uneaten, and unremarkably common to the area. You brush your fingers against the serrated leaves; they’re soft to the touch, but you notice a soft tingle. You pull in the plant by… Read More »Herbal Spotlight: Urtica dioica (Stinging Nettle)

Cold Process Soapmaking for Beginners | What You Need to Get Started

Soapmaking is a beautiful skill anyone can learn. With the right tools, you can create luxurious bars of soap for years to come! Whether you plan on gifting them, selling them, or enjoying them yourself, there are a few things you’ll need to get started. Don’t worry; I’ve put together a list of recommended supplies and where you can find them!  Personal Protective Equipment Soaping comes with a few hazards; lye is caustic, its fumes can be dangerous, and soap… Read More »Cold Process Soapmaking for Beginners | What You Need to Get Started

Beginner Herbalist: Sourcing Your Supplies | Where to Buy Herbs and Tools

When I first began my journey into herbalism, I would often try to find my herbs in whole food stores and in the tea aisle of my local target. While these first steps were in the right direction, they often provided very little material and were expensive. Aside from the economical value I was getting, I was unsure how medicinally viable my supplies were, and questioned whether or not I was making the right choice when buying my ingredients. Luckily,… Read More »Beginner Herbalist: Sourcing Your Supplies | Where to Buy Herbs and Tools

Florida Summer Prep – How to Beat the Heat

Temperatures here in Florida are on the rise; nearly everyday, the thermostat reaches 85°F. When I moved here last August, I was woefully unprepared for the heat and humidity. While St. Louis summer’s are no walk in the park, the sun hits differently here. I’ve compiled some DIYs, tips, and tricks for beating the summer heat, and hope they help you and I both survive the sweltering sauna that is Florida in the summertime.