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low waste

How to Make the Best Window & Mirror Cleaning Spray

From the beginning of my low-waste, green cleaning journey, I have been interested in replacing my products with simple, homemade alternatives. This recipe is by far the easiest one I have made, and easily competes with Windex and other glass-shining formulations! It’s extremely simple to create. You can also customize its scent using a simple acetum (vinegar infusion). While white vinegar tends to have a strong scent, infusing it helps cut down on its potency, and it generally fades quickly… Read More »How to Make the Best Window & Mirror Cleaning Spray

Low Waste Swaps to Make in 2022

I’ve been trying to reduce my waste in general for several years, but have found a few roadblocks along the way. Money, having to spend more time on things, convenience… all valid reasons for low-waste to get shoved back a bit. However, I’m determined to make 2022 my lowest-waste year yet. And I plan to do it in a simple, sustainable (for me, and for the planet) way. Every month, I want to pick three easy things to swap out.… Read More »Low Waste Swaps to Make in 2022

How to Upcycle Jeans into a Purse

Around 2012, you could find me in a stuffy 6th grade classroom on weekdays, and in my own room on the weekends. I was always crafting and scrounging around my mom and dad’s closet for fabric to use in my sewing projects. I did everything by hand, and I never bought anything new to sew with, except for thread, of course. I was 12. I literally couldn’t, lol. I remember looking at a pair of lightwash jeans from my mom… Read More »How to Upcycle Jeans into a Purse

3 Creative Ways to Use Spent Herbs

I hate tossing out herbs after using them to make oil infusions or medicinal teas. It’s so frustrating to see them going to the bin or a compost pile when they seem barely touched on the surface. Here are three ways to reuse spent herbs and enjoy them just a little longer. 1. Add them to a cloth sachet and throw them into a bath. You can use them as is in your bath for a luxurious herb (or oil… Read More »3 Creative Ways to Use Spent Herbs