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Beginner Herbalist Study Plan: Month Three

Welcome back to my beginner herbalist study plan! This is month three, and will be the last month where we focus on learning the basics. After this, we will begin exploring individual herbs more deeply and learn how they work individually! This month involves foraging, seed saving, herb storage and preservation, and a deep dive into the digestive system! If you haven’t already completed months one and two, feel free to do so at your own pace! I hope these… Read More »Beginner Herbalist Study Plan: Month Three

Beginner Herbalist Study Plan: Month One

Starting out on any learning journey can feel daunting, especially when it comes to niche fields like herbalism. I’ve come up with a monthly learning plan for beginner herbalists to use based on the American Herbalists Guild’s guidelines for becoming a registered herbalist (which isn’t a certification or license, but we’ll get to that soon). By following this plan and documenting your hours of study, you can work towards applying to the AHG to become a registered herbalist. If that’s… Read More »Beginner Herbalist Study Plan: Month One