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holistic medicine

Tools and Supplies for Beginner Herbalists | Part One

So, you’ve started your journey into herbalism and are ready to begin making medicine at home; you’ve read up on how herbs work and the basics of formulation, but you’re not sure what exactly you need to get started. Welcome to the wonderful world of the home apothecary! Knowing what is necessary and what is just extra can be a hassle, especially when you want to do everything as well as you can. This guide is designed for anyone wanting… Read More »Tools and Supplies for Beginner Herbalists | Part One

3 Testosterone Boosting Herbs for Men

Hormones are finnicky little things, aren’t they? They keep us asleep, they regulate our sugar levels, and they create massive changes in our bodies. Having even one hormone out of balance can throw off your natural rhythm, causing a break in its perfectly oiled system. As with most conditions of the body, hormone deficiencies can usually be supplemented to some degree. This can be done with a pill, hormone pellet injection, or a simple sublingual tablet… or, if you prefer… Read More »3 Testosterone Boosting Herbs for Men