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Florida Summer Prep – How to Beat the Heat

Temperatures here in Florida are on the rise; nearly everyday, the thermostat reaches 85°F. When I moved here last August, I was woefully unprepared for the heat and humidity. While St. Louis summer’s are no walk in the park, the sun hits differently here. I’ve compiled some DIYs, tips, and tricks for beating the summer heat, and hope they help you and I both survive the sweltering sauna that is Florida in the summertime.

Prepping for Summer – Making Hand Fans and Neck Coolers

This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Warmer weather is returning, at least here in Florida; more and more often, we’ve had full days without much of a drop past 80°F. While I’m enjoying the spring weather and longer days, I find myself worrying over the coming heat waves. I’ve decided to begin prepping for the sweltering summer heat by creating a few useful tools to help my family… Read More »Prepping for Summer – Making Hand Fans and Neck Coolers

Herbal Spotlight: Passiflora Incarnata (Purple Passion Flower)

Several species of the Passiflora genus are native to Florida, including a well-loved medicinal variety known as Passiflora incarnata. Despite it’s exotic look and aggressive growth, this flowering vine is non-invasive in Florida (“Passiflora Incarnata”). You can find their extravagant day-long blooms inching across the tops of trees, over trellises, and splayed out on the side of the road, among other sunny spots. Their striking appearance and medicinal value have given them plenty of attention in both the horticulture and… Read More »Herbal Spotlight: Passiflora Incarnata (Purple Passion Flower)