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Beginner Herbalist Study Plan: Month Two

Welcome back to my beginner herbalist study plan! If you haven’t completed month one, you can do so by visiting the link here! This is month two, and contains subjects such as managing and documenting chronic conditions using herbs, identifying plants and mushrooms using the taxonomy system, and herbal dosage standards. You can continue using the resources I mentioned in this post for further study success! Quick note: For extra tips and resources regarding self-led study, visit this article, which is… Read More »Beginner Herbalist Study Plan: Month Two

Beginner Herbalist: Resources for Self-led Learning

As a self-taught herbalist, I know the struggles that come along with learning without guidance. It’s slow going, often stalling at trivial roadblocks that wouldn’t exist if you had a real teacher. These are my tips and tricks for learning alone, along with some great resources I recommend to anyone starting their journey into herbalism. I hope my experiences will help you in your own journey. Maybe you’ll even find it easier to hurdle over those pesky roadblocks! Feel free… Read More »Beginner Herbalist: Resources for Self-led Learning