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Why Your Natural Deodorant Doesn’t Work—and How to Fix It

I’ve been using some form of aluminum-free deodorant for roughly a year and a half. While I can say I’ve found my favourite formula and feel confident in my routine, I can’t say it was easy. I’ve had my fair share of rocky starts, trial and error, and fails. These tips gleaned from the internet and personal experience may seem simple, but they’ve really helped me along when I decided to replace my antiperspirant for an aluminum-free alternative. This post… Read More »Why Your Natural Deodorant Doesn’t Work—and How to Fix It

Soothing Calendula Body Wash Recipe

Making liquid soap, in this case a body wash, is a simple way to keep your shower well-stocked. With a relatively small amount of ingredients, you can create a beautiful and effective cleanser! I created this recipe for my fiancé who is sensitive to bar soap, and even added a custom fragrance that we both enjoy! It uses calendula infused olive oil to reduce irritation and inflammation on the surface of the skin, and a blend of conditioning oils to… Read More »Soothing Calendula Body Wash Recipe