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Herbal Spotlight: Urtica dioica (Stinging Nettle)

In a clearing, you find a small patch of green; stems of lush leaves stand regally among the remains of many other herbs, delicious snacks for the fauna of the forest. The clearing has been gleaned of its ground-level leaves, and yet here sits a full stem, untouched, uneaten, and unremarkably common to the area. You brush your fingers against the serrated leaves; they’re soft to the touch, but you notice a soft tingle. You pull in the plant by… Read More »Herbal Spotlight: Urtica dioica (Stinging Nettle)

How to Make a Mullein Glycerite for Respiratory Support

You may have spotted a mature Mullein plant while driving along the highway. Commonly found across North American roadways, its tall, yellow flowers catch the eyes of many travelers every year. Perhaps you’re even familiar with it’s first year appearance, speckling prairie lands as fuzzy, low-growing rosettes. Or, your first meeting with mullein may be happening now as you take a look at the pictures below. Whether you’re a seasoned mullein-spotter or are newly acquainted with its presence, I’d like… Read More »How to Make a Mullein Glycerite for Respiratory Support