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31 Things You Can Make With Natural Local Resources

Today I compiled a list of links to beautiful DIYS and tutorials that use wild and cultivated plants. Take a look and get inspired by the fresh ingredients you have all around you! Let me know what you make and if you have any other ideas! Have a great one, everybody! Birch Bark Paper Paper from Invasive Plants Raffia Baskets Willow Baskets Making Baskets from Natural Materials Cordage Cordage from Cedar Netted Bags from Cordage Wattle Fencing Flour Wooden Spoons… Read More »31 Things You Can Make With Natural Local Resources

Herbal Spotlight: Calendula Officinalis (Calendula)

Calendula is a flowering herb known for its cheery, orange-yellow exterior and array of medicinal uses. Its name stems from the latin word “kalendae“, which translates to “first of the month”, and has been known to speckle the landscape of its native terrain (the Mediterranean and parts of Asia) near the first of many months[3]. We know it’s been used in natural healthcare since the 12th century [4], although its remedies may have been around for much longer. It shares… Read More »Herbal Spotlight: Calendula Officinalis (Calendula)

How to Upcycle Seed Beads From Plastic Bottles

As someone who loves making jewelry and also loves to upcycle, I found this beautiful intersection of the two very useful! All you need to create these seed bead-esque beads is: hole puncher type 1 plastic bottle needle or pin candle lighter container to keep the beads in It’s super simple to make these beads! I actually managed to fit all of my instructions into a minute-long Tik Tok video! I’ve included that below for all of my visually inclined… Read More »How to Upcycle Seed Beads From Plastic Bottles

3 Creative Ways to Use Spent Herbs

I hate tossing out herbs after using them to make oil infusions or medicinal teas. It’s so frustrating to see them going to the bin or a compost pile when they seem barely touched on the surface. Here are three ways to reuse spent herbs and enjoy them just a little longer. 1. Add them to a cloth sachet and throw them into a bath. You can use them as is in your bath for a luxurious herb (or oil… Read More »3 Creative Ways to Use Spent Herbs

7 Things to Make Instead of Buy | Skin and Hygiene Essentials

I’ve been slowly creating some hygiene and skincare essentials that are both simple to create and easy to customize. From body soap to lip balm, there are many great recipes online to choose from. Here are some ideas for things to swap when you run out along with a recipe or guide I found useful! Bar Soap I’m a huge fan of cold process soap making, and this is my favourite recipe! You can add colorants and fragrance to it… Read More »7 Things to Make Instead of Buy | Skin and Hygiene Essentials