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My Favourite Herbalists and Their Newsletters

Today I want to share some of my favourite herbalists and their newsletters I recommend subscribing to! I am not sponsored by any of these people or groups (although I am an affiliate with Mountain Rose Herbs), I just love their content and want to help their blogs and newsletters grow! Give them a follow, check out their shops, and let me know what you think of these amazing herbal heroes making education a little more accessible for everyone!

John Gallagher – Learning Herbs

John’s newsletters are full awesome information about herbs, questions that make you ponder, and resources you’ll have to save in a file labelled “herbs” (is that just me?). He also runs a blog where he interviews other herbalists, shares recipes, and explores herbalism a little deeper in every post. Subscribe to his newsletter when the pop-up opens and read his blog here. He also has a store where you can purchase subscription boxes to help you learn, as well as HerbMentor, an incredible digital library to help you learn about herbalism, and a great selection of courses to take!

Kami McBride – Living Awareness

Kami McBride sends out valuable newsletters with great information, and also shoots out invites to free and paid courses, perfect for new and master herbalists alike. I love learning with Kami as she delves into using herbs in the kitchen. I always feel inspired to combine my apothecary and pantry whenever I finish watching a video of hers! She also has a course on making potent oils I want to purchase, and from the reviews I have seen, it comes highly recommended by many! Sign up for her newsletter here, view her courses here, and read her blog here!

Steven Horne

Steven Horne is the co-author of one of my all-time favourite books about herbalism; The Modern Herbal Dispensatory (co-authored by Thomas Easley). When I found out he had a newsletter, I immediately subscribed! His emails fill up my file of herbal education links and articles, and fuel my learning pathway whenever they pop up. Steven always has something unique and valuable to share. I really recommend his newsletter to anyone looking to brush up on herbal knowledge or want to start gathering it! Check out his blog here. Click the “stay informed” button on the bottom right of that page to sign up to his newsletter and receive all of these articles straight to your inbox. Become a member of his site and subscribe here for extra information and to boost your learning!

Mountain Rose Herbs

For excellent herbal recipes for skincare, tea, haircare, and way more, subscribe to Mountain Rose Herbs’ blog here! They also have a radio station of sorts where you can listen to herbal podcasts any time. They are of course known best as an apothecary, selling herbs of all kinds herbs, oils, and herbal tools, which you can browse here. Sign up for their newsletter when prompted, and opt in for their mailed/pdf journal here! You can also read their blog here. If you would like to make a purchase through my affiliate link to help support me and this blog, scroll down to the bottom of this post for a full list of my affiliate links! Thank you!

Nick Polizzi – The Sacred Science

Nick Polizzi is constantly flooding my inbox with awesome herbal articles, events, and courses! I love seeing his links to The Sacred Science blog, and often keep his emails in my save folder for future reference. For scientific as well as spiritual dialecticalism, subscribe to Nick’s newsletter at the very bottom of his blog page.

Juliet Blankespoor – Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine

I follow Juliet’s page on facebook, and she is consistently posting valuable information regarding herbalism! She runs Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, one of the more well-known and accessed schools teaching herbalism to thousands of herbalists around the world. You can find the school’s homepage here, visit Juliet’s blog here, and check out their full list of resources here.

Colleen – Grow Cook Forage Ferment

Colleen offers so many tips on growing, cooking, foraging, and fermenting, along with herbalism and how to be a more sustainable herbalist over on her amazing blog. She is a consistent poster with so many remarkable articles! I highly recommend reading her blog and trying out a few of her DIYs and recipes for yourself! She also has some courses and books you can purchase, as well as free resources to get you started on your journey!

Tanya Anderson – Lovely Greens

Tanya’s blog is absolutely full of DIYs, recipes, and how-to posts regarding soapmaking, herbalism, and living a more natural, self-sufficient life. I love her soap recipes especially, and how eco-friendly she makes soap and similar activities. Check out her blog here, where you can sign up for her newsletter! Take a look at her shop where she sells herbal products, skincare, and workshops as well!

Mary Blue – Farmacy Herbs

Mary Blue’s instagram is full of lighthearted herbal content as well as more serious, truly helpful herbal information. She runs an Herbal education school which you can learn more about on her website here! She also offers herbal consultation and owns the Farmacy Herbs shop!

Strictly Medicinal Seeds – Richo Cech

I follow Richo on his blog, facebook, and newsletter (which you can subscribe to on his blog)! He posts frequently about gardening, tools to make gardening and harvesting easier, and herbalism in general. I recommend checking out his blog and shop if you’re looking to grow your own herbs and need some guidance! He has some books you can check out here as well!

Arielle De Martinez

Arielle is someone I follow on instagram! She posts all about herbal hair care and styling, herbal medicine, and why using essential oils isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be! She does an awesome job explaining things in an easy to understand but also scientific way. She has a store full of herbal products as well as some free and paid educational offerings here!

My Affiliate Links:

If you’d like to support me, feel free to use these affiliate links when shopping! If you make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This goes towards the upkeep of this blog and continuing to make more content for you to enjoy! Thank you!

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