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Herbal Valentines to Make in 2023

As an herbalist, I am always trying to help others take control of their health and wellness. One of the ways I do this is through gifting! If someone I know has been interested in herbalism, I do my best to make them something simple and welcoming that can introduce them to a new concept or spark their interest. I also love to gift herbal creations to friends and family that use herbs culinarily, or in their skincare! If there’s an in for herbalism, I’m bound to find it. These are some awesome herbal valentines you can make in 2023, inspired by traditional valentine’s day imagery and flavours!

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Image by czu_czu_PL from Pixabay

Herbal salt – create a fiery, red herbal salt for the spice lovers in your life. This step by step guide by The Herbal Academy does a great job breaking down the steps of formulating your own culinary herbal salt. Alternatively, check out this tutorial by In Fine Balance that produces pinkish-orange salt!

Herbal Tea – If you have a favourite herbal tea, consider gifting it! A simple blend of lemongrass, hibiscus, and coconut flakes could be all it takes to introduce a relative to the joys of herbal medicine. Look for teas relevant to your giftee, or flavours you know they will enjoy. Or, if you’re not confident in your ability to choose for them, offer them a giftcard to Mountain Rose Herbs! They have quite a wonderful selection of high quality herbal teas! They also currently have a discount code running till the 29th of february, 2023, so your giftee will be able to get 15% off all regular priced items by typing in “RoseLove15” at checkout.

Herbal Bath Soak – these bath soaks are so simple to make, and offer a touch of self love to the people you care about! They also make excellent additions to gift baskets and smaller gifts! My favourite blend consists of 1 ounce of powdered calendula, 2 ounces of dried milk powder (plant or animal based), and 2 ounces of colloidal oat powder. However, if you’d like to add a pink touch, replace the calendula with rose petals, and add an ounce of pink himalayan salt! Check out my post about making a soothing calendula bath soak here to learn more.

Herbal Sachets – I love filling my drawers with herbs, and opening them to fragrant linens. Consider gifting some fragrant herb sachets to friends and family with favourites! You can upcycle linens for this purpose, or embroider simple sachets with the herb they contain. You can even make a few different options to spice things up! Some good options for aromatic sachets include cinnamon chips/sticks, lavender, rose, citrus peels, rosemary, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

Infused Oils – Lightweight oils such as hempseed oil, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil make amazing carriers for skin-loving herbs like calendula, comfrey, and tea tree. Infuse some oils using a double boiler and give your giftee the gift of glowing skin this valentine’s day! I wrote an article about making your own facial oils here, so feel free to reference it when creating your gift!

Infused Culinary Oils – you can infuse oil for culinary purposes in the same way that you would for skincare! Choose a blend of herbs that make a tasty meal tastier, and infuse away. A personal favourite combo is olive oil infused with garlic, parsley, and basil.

Image by Silvia from Pixabay

Herbal Body Butter – by infusing oils and butters with skin-loving herbs like calendula, chamomile, and lavender, you can give the gift of selfcare to your giftee. I love using lightweight oils such as hempseed and sweet almond oil alongside a touch of shea butter and beeswax for the perfect blend of moisture. There are hundreds of excellent recipes online, but I found this body butter to be particularly fitting for valentine’s day. Focus on ingredients like rose hip oil for a themed gift!

I hope these ideas inspire some special gifts this year, and encourage you to use your skills to create things for others! Feel free to explore my blog for more ideas, and check out my affiliate links before shopping for your ingredients. Leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to make this year!

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