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Cozy Soups to Create this Fall—Can, Crockpot, Instapot, and Stovetop Recipes

It’s officially October, and even here in South Florida, I have begun craving the many foods of the season: sweet potato casserole, apple pie, warm apple cider, and of course, hot soup. I’ve already made chicken noodle soup and pasta fagioli, and currently have some French onion soup cooking in a crockpot right now! Even without the crisp air and changing leaves I used to see when I lived in the midwest, I still feel a pull towards warm, soothing suppers as the year slowly inches to an end.

Soups are not only delicious antidotes for chilly hands, though; they also go a long way in terms of meal prep and cost. I make a large pot of soup and save the leftovers for about a week, typically spending between $30-40 on all of the ingredients (if I don’t have them on hand). However, I find the more I make soups, the more ready my pantry is to create them on a whim. Many ingredients can be bought in bulk and used in several different batches or kinds of soup, too, such as garlic, celery, onions, and carrots. Not to mention how simple it is to make your own vegetable broth if you find your veggies are about to go bad!

On that note–here is a great link to making your own delicious broth from scratch with scraps and spare veggies from Well and Good. You can also opt for storage-friendly bouillon cubes and powders by following this recipe from Alpha Foodie. Reduce your waste, food cost, and learn a new skill! I plan on trying out the cubes and saving them for sick days or for when I need some delicious broth in a pinch.

Soups also keep well in the fridge for about a week, often tasting even better after letting them sit for a day or two. There are also hundreds of canning recipes to test out and store, making them a perfect choice for anyone looking to reduce time spent in the kitchen.

Hearty, filling, delicious, and (usually) healthy, soup is a soul-soothing way to treat yourself to a little bit of warmth this fall and winter season. I’ve compiled a list of soup recipes to try this year, from chicken noodle to miso ramen. Oh, and whatever fills your bowl, be sure to enjoy it with a delicious piece of French bread! I tried out this recipe from Living on a Dime this morning, and I really love how it came out!

Canned and Dehydrated Recipes

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Instant Pot Recipes

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Crockpot Recipes

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Stovetop Recipes

  1. Minestrone Soup – Salt and Lavender
  2. Vegetarian Miso Ramen Soup – Love and Good Stuff
  3. Pasta Fagioli – Natasha’s Kitchen *Important Tip: do not add the tomatoes or tomato-based ingredients in till the veggies are cooked. If you do, the veggies will not finish cooking and will stay hard due to the acidic environment. I speak from experience*
  4. Summer Corn Chowder (copycat Panera) – The Make Your Own Zone
  5. Loaded Baked Potato Soup (copycat O’Charley’s) – The Chunky Chef
  6. Mexican Pinto Bean Soup – Ela Vegan
  7. Hibachi Japanese Clear Soup – The Happier Homemaker
  8. Buffalo Chicken Soup – Organize Yourself Skinny
  9. Italian Wedding Soup -Spoonful of Flavor
  10. Thai Chicken Ramen Zoodle Soup – Wholesomelicious
  11. Wild Rice Soup – Give Me Some Oven
  12. Tuscan Turkey Tortellini Soup – Garlic and Zest
  13. Eggplant Potato Soup – Glue and Glitter
  14. Chicken Corn Eggdrop Soup – The Woks of Life
  15. Beef Stew for Two – Chocolate Moosey

What are your favourite fall recipes? Let me know if you try and enjoy any of the recipes on this list, I know I will certainly keep you updated as cool(ish) weather slowly rolls in! Bye!

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