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Beginner Herbalist: Resources for Self-led Learning

As a self-taught herbalist, I know the struggles that come along with learning without guidance. It’s slow going, often stalling at trivial roadblocks that wouldn’t exist if you had a real teacher. These are my tips and tricks for learning alone, along with some great resources I recommend to anyone starting their journey into herbalism. I hope my experiences will help you in your own journey. Maybe you’ll even find it easier to hurdle over those pesky roadblocks! Feel free… Read More »Beginner Herbalist: Resources for Self-led Learning

3 Testosterone Boosting Herbs for Men

Hormones are finnicky little things, aren’t they? They keep us asleep, they regulate our sugar levels, and they create massive changes in our bodies. Having even one hormone out of balance can throw off your natural rhythm, causing a break in its perfectly oiled system. As with most conditions of the body, hormone deficiencies can usually be supplemented to some degree. This can be done with a pill, hormone pellet injection, or a simple sublingual tablet… or, if you prefer… Read More »3 Testosterone Boosting Herbs for Men

Health Resolutions of 2022

2021 has sprouted, blossomed, and gone to seed, and as 2022 emerges from the soil of time, so, too, do our goals and aspirations. Like anyone else, I tend to use the New Year as a way to renew my ambition and start fresh. This year, I’m focusing on my physical health, having had time to heal my mental health over the last several years! For the first time in many years, my mental health goals have transformed into daily… Read More »Health Resolutions of 2022

Muscle and Joint Pain Salve

This is a recipe I made and tested, and have found great results with! I had other people give it a go as well, and I feel comfortable sharing it as an option for you all to try! I chose herbs that have been used to treat inflammation and pain in muscles and joints, and used sweet almond oil as a carrier oil due to its light feel and ability to sink into the skin. Let me know if you… Read More »Muscle and Joint Pain Salve

Rock Hunting: Hagstones and Geodes

I love rocks. I just never grew out of that “smooth rock goes in pocket” mindset. It started with smooth, milky pebbles and those flat river stones you can find near water. I still appreciate those rocks, but I’ve collected a fair few others over the years. Crystals of all kinds have overtaken my collection, but recently I’ve been running into two different kinds of stones: hagstones and geodes. Hagstones have many names, including holey stones, adder stones, and witch’s… Read More »Rock Hunting: Hagstones and Geodes

Advice for Beginner Naturalists

While I wouldn’t consider myself an expert by any means, I’ve had a lot of experience interacting with and observing the natural world. With these experiences come lessons–some learned the hard way. Here is some advice I have with anyone unfamiliar with nature or the safety practices associated with it. Don’t touch anything you aren’t certain is safe to handle. There are some plants, such as giant hogweed (WARNING: Graphic photos linked), that contain photosensitizing elements in their sap, which… Read More »Advice for Beginner Naturalists

How to Build Your Skills in Self Sufficiency | Part Two

In my first post about building your skills in self sufficiency, I mentioned a few skills you can pick up on, like sewing or soapmaking. While these kinds of skills are important to learn, I thought I would bring to mind some more trade-style skills that could potentially save you a lot more money should you have to use them. These are all things I have seen build up into expensive mistakes if done incorrectly or neglected. I hope we… Read More »How to Build Your Skills in Self Sufficiency | Part Two

7 Things to Make Instead of Buy | Skin and Hygiene Essentials

I’ve been slowly creating some hygiene and skincare essentials that are both simple to create and easy to customize. From body soap to lip balm, there are many great recipes online to choose from. Here are some ideas for things to swap when you run out along with a recipe or guide I found useful! Bar Soap I’m a huge fan of cold process soap making, and this is my favourite recipe! You can add colorants and fragrance to it… Read More »7 Things to Make Instead of Buy | Skin and Hygiene Essentials