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Materia Medica

Beginner Herbalist Study Plan: Month One

Starting out on any learning journey can feel daunting, especially when it comes to niche fields like herbalism. I’ve come up with a monthly learning plan for beginner herbalists to use based on the American Herbalists Guild’s guidelines for becoming a registered herbalist (which isn’t a certification or license, but we’ll get to that soon). By following this plan and documenting your hours of study, you can work towards applying to the AHG to become a registered herbalist. If that’s… Read More »Beginner Herbalist Study Plan: Month One

Herbal Spotlight: Passiflora Incarnata (Purple Passion Flower)

Several species of the Passiflora genus are native to Florida, including a well-loved medicinal variety known as Passiflora incarnata. Despite it’s exotic look and aggressive growth, this flowering vine is non-invasive in Florida (“Passiflora Incarnata”). You can find their extravagant day-long blooms inching across the tops of trees, over trellises, and splayed out on the side of the road, among other sunny spots. Their striking appearance and medicinal value have given them plenty of attention in both the horticulture and… Read More »Herbal Spotlight: Passiflora Incarnata (Purple Passion Flower)

How to Make a Mullein Glycerite for Respiratory Support

You may have spotted a mature Mullein plant while driving along the highway. Commonly found across North American roadways, its tall, yellow flowers catch the eyes of many travelers every year. Perhaps you’re even familiar with it’s first year appearance, speckling prairie lands as fuzzy, low-growing rosettes. Or, your first meeting with mullein may be happening now as you take a look at the pictures below. Whether you’re a seasoned mullein-spotter or are newly acquainted with its presence, I’d like… Read More »How to Make a Mullein Glycerite for Respiratory Support

How to Identify Wild Plants with iNaturalist

As a child, my Nana would share the plants she knew the names of with me. Some of that stuck, and it definitely gave me a desire to know more about the natural world. Now that I’m grown and have a repertoire larger than my Nana’s casual knowledge, I turn to new sources when I want to identify a particular herb, tree, or berry, using the same skills of observing that she shared with me many years ago. While I… Read More »How to Identify Wild Plants with iNaturalist

Herbal Spotlight: Calendula Officinalis (Calendula)

Calendula is a flowering herb known for its cheery, orange-yellow exterior and array of medicinal uses. Its name stems from the latin word “kalendae“, which translates to “first of the month”, and has been known to speckle the landscape of its native terrain (the Mediterranean and parts of Asia) near the first of many months[3]. We know it’s been used in natural healthcare since the 12th century [4], although its remedies may have been around for much longer. It shares… Read More »Herbal Spotlight: Calendula Officinalis (Calendula)