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How to Lengthen the Life of Your Handmade Soap

I made this quick and easy guide for lengthening the life of handmade soap for anyone annoyed by how quickly their new bar of soap seemingly vanished! I hope this helps reduce waste and encourages everyone with this experience to give handmade soap a second try. Image Description: Two soaps stacked on a counter with […]

Low Waste Swaps to Make in 2022

I’ve been trying to reduce my waste in general for several years, but have found a few roadblocks along the way. Money, having to spend more time on things, convenience… all valid reasons for low-waste to get shoved back a bit. However, I’m determined to make 2022 my lowest-waste year yet. And I plan to […]

Health Resolutions of 2022

2021 has sprouted, blossomed, and gone to seed, and as 2022 emerges from the soil of time, so, too, do our goals and aspirations. Like anyone else, I tend to use the New Year as a way to renew my ambition and start fresh. This year, I’m focusing on my physical health, having had time […]

Year-In Recipe Wrap-up | 2021

After moving in with my fiancĂ©, I’ve had a lot more motivation to cook, mainly because I get to choose what it is I make! I have used both recipes online and some from family to fill up this year’s kitchen, and I’d like to share some of my favourites with you! What recipes have […]

Soothing Calendula Body Wash Recipe

Making liquid soap, in this case a body wash, is a simple way to keep your shower well-stocked. With a relatively small amount of ingredients, you can create a beautiful and effective cleanser! I created this recipe for my fiancĂ© who is sensitive to bar soap, and even added a custom fragrance that we both […]

Cozy Soups to Create this Fall

It’s officially October, and even here in South Florida, I have begun craving the many foods of the season: sweet potato casserole, apple pie, warm apple cider, and of course, hot soup. I’ve already made chicken noodle soup and pasta fagioli, and currently have some French onion soup cooking in a crockpot right now! Even […]

Muscle and Joint Pain Salve

This is a recipe I made and tested, and have found great results with! I had other people give it a go as well, and I feel comfortable sharing it as an option for you all to try! I chose herbs that have been used to treat inflammation and pain in muscles and joints, and […]

Tooth Powder Recipe

I’ve seen a few tooth powder recipes out there, and I’m out of tooth paste, so I figured now was a good time to give it a go! I won’t go into all the whys or how making it can be better for remineralizing your teeth because so many other bloggers have done just that […]

How to Upcycle Jeans into a Purse

Around 2012, you could find me in a stuffy 6th grade classroom on weekdays, and in my own room on the weekends. I was always crafting and scrounging around my mom and dad’s closet for fabric to use in my sewing projects. I did everything by hand, and I never bought anything new to sew […]


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